Arkansas Arkids Income Limits 2024

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Arkansas Arkids Income Limits
Arkansas Arkids Income Limits

The logo of the state of Arkansas is featured in the Arkansas ARKids First! To avail the benefits of the program, one has to fulfill the prescribed income eligibility criteria. Because the Arkansas ARKids program provides health coverage to nearly eight million children and families in the state. In this article, you have been given information related to Arkansas Arkids Income Limits 2024 guidelines and required eligibility for Arkansas ARKids First.

What is Arkansas Arkids Income Limits

Arkansas’s ARKids First program provides health coverage for low-income children in the state. Income eligibility for ARKids A and ARKids B, which are part of the ARKids First program, is based on the federal poverty level (FPL).

The income limits can change annually, so it’s crucial to check the most recent information. You can find the latest income limits and other eligibility criteria on the official website of the Arkansas Department of Human Services (DHS) or by contacting the DHS directly.

Keep in mind that eligibility may vary depending on the specific ARKids program, and there might be different income limits for different age groups. Always refer to the official and up-to-date resources for accurate information.


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Purpose of the Arkansas Arkids Income Limits

The purpose of income limits for the Arkansas ARKids program is to determine eligibility for health coverage, specifically for low-income children in the state. By establishing income thresholds, the program ensures that assistance is targeted toward families with financial need. The income limits are set based on the federal poverty level (FPL) and are periodically adjusted to reflect changes in economic conditions.

Children from families with incomes within the specified limits may qualify for ARKids A or ARKids B, which provide health coverage and essential services. This helps ensure that children in economically disadvantaged households have access to necessary medical care and services, promoting their well-being and overall health. The income limits act as a means of prioritizing assistance for those who need it most, aligning with the program’s goal of improving health outcomes for vulnerable populations.

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Are We Eligible For ARKids Coverage?

ARKids A is coverage is Medicaid. ARKids B is for children without employer-sponsored or group health insurance and have not had insurance for at least 90 days. If you lost insurance coverage involuntarily then your children may be immediately eligible.

Arkansas Arkids Income Limits Guidelines

Arkansas ARKids First benefits are provided to provide medical facilities to low-income people in the state. Those who cannot afford private coverage. And this program works in conjunction with your state’s Medicaid program. But people must meet income limits for the year 2024 to receive Arkansas ARKids First benefits. Along with the income limit, it is necessary to fulfill other eligibility. Which has been mentioned in the article below.

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ARKids First Income Eligibility
Effective April 01, 2023

Family SizeARKids A
ARKids B
Add for each additional Member$608.23$903.78

Arkansas Arkids Income Limits 2024

The income limits required to receive benefits of the Arkansas ARKids First program are given in the table below.

Household SizeMaximum Income Level (Per Year)
1 Person$30,764 Per Year
2 People$41,610 Per Year
3 People$52,455 Per Year
4 People$63,300 Per Year
5 People$74,146 Per Year
6 People$84,991 Per Year
7 People$95,837 Per Year
8 People$106,682 Per Year

The income limits for up to eight members to receive benefits from the Arkansas ARKids First program are set out in the table above, but for households with more than eight people, add $10,845 per additional person. But always check and contact the appropriate administering agency to ensure the most accurate guidelines regarding the Arkansas ARKids First program.

Who is eligible for  Arkansas ARKids First!?

To be eligible for the Arkansas ARKids First program, you must meet all of the following eligibility criteria:

  • Applicant must be a resident of Arkansas.
  • Applicants must be either an individual aged 18 years and under or the primary caregiver to a child(ren) aged 18 years or under.
  • Program eligibility requires applicants to be a US citizen, national, or a non-citizen legally admitted to the US.
  • Applicants must be uninsured (and ineligible for Medicaid).

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Arkansas Arkids Income Limits 2024 PDF

The income limits for Arkansas Arkids in 2024 based on household size are as follows:

  • 1 person: $30,764
  • 2 persons: $41,610
  • 3 persons: $52,455
  • 4 persons: $63,300
  • 5 persons: $74,146
  • 6 persons: $84,991
  • 7 persons: $95,837
  • 8 persons: $106,682.

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Arkansas ARKids First Phone Number

Visit the ARKids website to learn more about the Arkansas ARKids First program. You can also use the county office list to find a service center near you. For additional details, please visit the Medicaid and CHIP Policies page and select your state. For more information contact 1-855-372-1084.

FAQs. Arkansas ARKids

1. What is the ARKids program in Arkansas?

The ARKids program in Arkansas provides health coverage for eligible children in the state, ensuring they have access to essential medical services.

2. Who is eligible for ARKids coverage?

Eligibility is based on factors such as income and family size. Children from low-income families may qualify for ARKids A or ARKids B, depending on their specific circumstances.

3. How do I apply for ARKids for my child?

You can apply for ARKids online through the official Arkansas Department of Human Services (DHS) website or by visiting a local DHS office. Application forms and information are available on the website.

4. What is the difference between ARKids A and ARKids B?

ARKids A typically covers children in families with incomes up to a certain percentage of the federal poverty level (FPL). ARKids B covers children in families with slightly higher incomes, and there may be a premium associated with ARKids B coverage.

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5. Is there a cost for ARKids coverage?

The cost of ARKids coverage depends on the specific program (ARKids A or ARKids B) and the family’s income. Some families may qualify for free coverage, while others may be required to pay a monthly premium.

6. How often are income limits updated for ARKids eligibility?

Income limits are usually updated annually. It is important to check the most recent information on the official DHS website or contact DHS directly for the latest income limits and program details.

7. What services are covered by ARKids?

ARKids coverage includes a range of health services, such as doctor visits, immunizations, hospital stays, and prescription medications. Dental and vision coverage may also be included.

8. Can pregnant women qualify for ARKids?

Pregnant women may be eligible for coverage through other Medicaid programs, such as Medicaid for Pregnant Women. It’s advisable to check with DHS to determine the appropriate program for specific situations.

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9. How can I check the status of my ARKids application?

You can check the status of your ARKids application by contacting the DHS helpline or visiting the official website. The website may provide online tools to check application status.

10. Where can I get more information about ARKids?

For more information, visit the official Arkansas DHS website or contact the DHS directly. They can provide details about eligibility, application procedures, and the services covered by ARKids.

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