IRS Just Released New Bonus Checks? Fact Check, Who Can Claim it and How?

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IRS Just Released New Bonus Checks
IRS Just Released New Bonus Checks

In this article, you will get to know about the IRS Just Released New Bonus Checks? Fact Check, Who Can Claim it and How? Full News. The Internal Revenue Service delivers various financial assistance checks to US taxpayers. these are the federal financial assistance checks that offer benefits as a tax credit to the taxpayer. In the current year,

The IRS is going to put some new checks assistance as a bonus to help lower-income Americans with their cost of living and those who are facing some major challenges with inflation. To know more about the IRS Just Released New Bonus Checks, its eligibility, facts, and more, continue browsing this article.

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IRS New Bonus Checks

As part of their cost of living support, the IRS will be sending federal taxpayers some extra checks tis year in 2024. The intention behind offering these USA new bonus checks 2024 is to provide LI Americans with some extra financial support. The Federal Government will be issuing new checks to LI taxpayers in order to help them manage their living expenses, in light of the growing cost of living adjustment and inflation.


These new bonus checks will be sent to the American taxpayer in addition to their income rise, Social Security benefits, and tax credits. There will be IRS New Bonus Checks 2024 Eligibility Criteria before the checks are made available. This is being made available by the Internal Revenue Service in order to disburse some economic impact payments, the benefits of which will be deposited directly into the bank account of the qualified recipient.

The federal income level that applies to the tax return has also been raised by the IRS for the year 2024. Additionally, IRS Bonus Check Payment 2024 help will be provided in accordance with each person’s and their household’s needs.

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IRS Just Released New Bonus Checks?

In the ongoing year, the IRS is going to provide some bonus checks to federal taxpayers as their cost of living assistance. These new bonus checks will be offered with the intent to help and support low-income Americans with some additional financial assistance benefits. Due to the rising cost of living adjustment and inflation, the Federal Government will be releasing some new checks that will provide help to lower-income taxpayers with some additional bonus assistance through which the eligible would be able to manage their living costs.

The American taxpayer will be granted these new bonus checks as their increase in salary, Social Security, and tax credits. The checks will be offered with some specific eligibility criteria. The Internal Revenue Service has released this to distribute some economic impact payments, the benefits of which will be directly delivered to the eligible recipient bank account. For the year 2024, the IRS has also boosted the federal income threshold that is applied to the taxation return. Along with this the bonus check assistance will be offered according to the individual and their household requirement.

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Who Can get these Checks?

  • Therefore, this payout of up to USD 943 is given to US retirees who fulfil specific conditions. However, being retired is not required because there are other eligibility requirements for this check, such as Supplemental Security Income, which can work with the Social Security payment 2024.
  • Furthermore, it is must that the Supplemental Security Income benefit be approved beforehand.
  • Payment will arrive soon with a maximum check of $943 if this benefit is approved; however, not all payments will total that amount. You will have to wait until the next month if our Supplemental Security Income claim is still being approved.
  • The $500 or $943 check is not for every American, in a similar way. This benefit is depend upon the recipient’s monthly income. The American receiving Supplemental Security Income 2024 Payment Amount will get less money from this benefit the higher their monthly income.

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Who Can Claim These Checks?

The New Bonus Checks assistance can be claimed by the tax filers with their adjusted gross income of 75K USD for individual tax filers and 150K USD for married and joint filers. The filers above this income amount will have a payment reduction of 5 USD on each 100 USD on the above payment of the federal income tax threshold.

The single tax filers with an income exceeding 99K USD and joint filers with $198K USD with no children are not entitled to these New Bonus Checks. This check will be offered as Social Security in which eligible recipient is required to file out their taxation return. The eligible taxpayers who have filed their taxes for the year 2019 or 2020 will be automatically granted their bonus check, and the recipient will get an additional sum of assistance for each qualified child.

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How to get two Social Security payments this week?

Getting two Social Security payments in a single week would generally not be possible through regular means, as Social Security payments are typically disbursed on a monthly basis. Social Security benefits, including retirement, disability, and Supplemental Security Income (SSI), are usually paid on a specific schedule determined by the recipient’s birthdate or other factors.

However, there could be certain circumstances that lead to receiving two payments close together, such as:

  • Initial and Retroactive Payments: When someone first applies for Social Security benefits, there might be a delay in processing the application. Once approved, the individual may receive a lump sum payment that covers the period from their eligibility start date to the approval date.
  • Adjustments or Back Payments: Occasionally, individuals may receive adjustments or back payments if there were changes to their benefit amount or if there were delays in processing changes to their case.
  • Supplemental Payments: In some cases, recipients may be eligible for additional benefits or one-time payments due to changes in legislation, economic stimulus programs, or other special circumstances.

If you believe you are entitled to additional Social Security payments or if there are changes to your benefit amount, it is recommended to contact the Social Security Administration (SSA) directly. You can reach the SSA by visiting their official website ( or contacting your local Social Security office. They can provide personalized information based on your specific situation and guide you on any additional payments you may be eligible to receive.

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How to Claim the New Bonus Checks?

Eligible recipients are not required to file a claim application to the IRS, the eligible beneficiaries will be automatically able to make a claim while filing out their federal taxation return. The Internal Revenue Service has not announced the bonus check rates yet, but the eligible will make their claim by filing their income tax return.

The bonus checks assistance will automatically credited to the recipient’s bank account. With the help of these new bonus checks, they will be able to manage their living expenses with some additional assistance based on their tax filing. To make a claim on this check, you are just required to file your tax return.

How to get the New Bonus Checks?

Receivers who meet the New Bonus Checks 2024 Eligibility requirements can automatically submit a claim when completing their federal tax return; they are not needed to submit a claim application to the IRS. In order to be eligible, a person must file their income tax return. The Internal Revenue Service has not yet disclosed the rates for bonus checks.

An automatic credit to the recipient’s bank account will result from the bonus checks help. According to their tax return, these new bonus checks will provide them with some more support to help them manage their living expenditures. Just file your tax return in order to be eligible for New Bonus Checks.

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FAQs. IRS Just Released New Bonus Checks

Q1: Is it true that the IRS has released new bonus checks?

A: Please verify the information through official IRS announcements or news releases. Check the IRS website or other reputable news sources for the latest updates.

Q2: Who is eligible to receive these bonus checks?

A: Eligibility criteria for bonus checks would depend on the specific IRS program or initiative. Check official IRS communications for details on eligibility.

Q3: How can I check if I am eligible for the new bonus checks?

A: The IRS typically provides information on eligibility criteria and instructions on how to check your eligibility. Visit the official IRS website or contact their helpline for accurate details.

Q4: When can I expect to receive the bonus checks?

A: The IRS usually announces the distribution schedule for any new payments. Check official IRS announcements or the IRS website for the most up-to-date information on the timing of bonus checks.

Q5: Will the bonus checks be sent through direct deposit, checks, or other means?

A: Payment methods can vary. The IRS will typically communicate how the bonus checks will be distributed. Check official IRS announcements for details on payment methods.

Q6: Is there any action I need to take to receive the bonus checks?

A: Follow any instructions provided by the IRS regarding actions needed to receive the bonus checks. This information is usually communicated through official channels.

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