IRS SS-4 Form PDF Download – How To Fill Out IRS SS-4 Form PDF

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IRS SS-4 Form PDF Download
IRS SS-4 Form PDF Download

IRS SS-4 Form PDF Download:- The IRS SS-4 form is used to apply for an Employer Identification Number (EIN). An EIN is a nine-digit number that is assigned to businesses by the IRS. Businesses need an EIN to open a bank account, hire employees, and file taxes. You can apply for an EIN online, by mail, or by fax. The IRS typically processes EIN applications within one week. Once you have an EIN, you will need to provide it to your bank, payroll provider, and tax preparer. You will also need to include your EIN on all of your tax returns.

What Is an IRS Form SS-4? | Federal EIN Application

A Federal EIN Application (IRS Form SS-4) is used to request a Federal Employer Identification Number. A unique number that is used by the IRS to identify a business, an FEIN should be registered early on. Both the federal government and banking institutions often use a company’s FEIN to identify it, making an FEIN a necessity for companies that want to hire employees or do business under business bank accounts. An FEIN can be acquired by filling out an IRS Form SS-4 and then sending that form in either online, through physical mail, or through fax. Filing your IRS Form SS-4 online is usually advised, as the processing time is much faster.

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What is an IRS Form SS-4?

The IRS Form SS-4 is also known as the “Application for Employer Identification Number.” This is a short, two-page form that requests the following information:

  • The legal name, trade name, and mailing address of the business.
  • The type of business it is: sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, or other.
  • The responsible party for the business in addition to their SSN or ITIN.
  • The purpose of acquiring a FEIN.
  • The major activity that the business completes.

Once the form has been filled out, it can be sent in online, through mail, or through fax.


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What is the SS-4 Form Used for?

Any entity which needs to pay federal taxes or hire employees will need to fill out the IRS Form SS-4. There are also a few other reasons why you might need an EIN:

  • When you start a new business and you expect to hire employees.
  • When a business that previously didn’t have employees is hiring employees.
  • If you’re interested in opening a business bank account and need the EIN for your financial institution.
  • If your business is changing business types, it may need to update its EIN registration.
  • If you have purchased a business and it did not already have an EIN, you may want to apply for an EIN.
  • If you are administering an estate, you will need an EIN for some of the estate functions, such as bank accounts.
  • If you need to file federal income taxes for your business, and you aren’t a sole-proprietorship, you will need an EIN.
  • If you need to establish credit for your business.

EINs are also used for things such as applying for permits and wholesale licenses.

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Apply for an FEIN Using an SS-4 Form

An SS-4 form can be filled out to apply for a Federal Employer Identification Number. This SS-4 form can then be sent in online, through mail, or through fax. The SS-4 itself can be filled out digitally.

Before you begin to fill out the SS-4 form, make sure you have the formation documents for the business, in addition to the full name, mailing address, and Social Security number or ITIN of the preparer.

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Register your FEIN SS-4 Form Online

Through a tax ID service, your FEIN SS-4 form can be submitted online. Once your SS-4 form has been filled out, it can be submitted for processing, and you can receive your FEIN within an hour.

Submitting your form online has a few advantages over other methods:

  • It’s much faster than other methods of filing.
  • If you make a mistake, the mistake can be corrected immediately.
  • It’s a convenient way of getting your FEIN delivered to you.

If your business needs an FEIN to hire employees, open a bank account, or perform other time-sensitive tasks, getting an FEIN online is usually the best option. There is no downside to applying for an FEIN online, while other methods of application can often take much longer.

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Register your FEIN SS-4 Form by Mail or Fax

Once it has been completed, a FEIN SS-4 form can be filled out, printed on paper, and then either faxed or mailed in.

If you choose to fax your FEIN SS-4 form, you will need to have access to a fax machine. You can fax the form directly, but you may not know whether the fax arrived. You will receive your EIN by fax within a few business days. You will need to have a receiving fax machine if you want to get your EIN in this way.

If you choose to mail your FEIN SS-4 form, you can fill out the paper copy and then mail it in. While this is a fast, secure way of filing, it does mean that you may need ot wait up to six weeks for processing. How long processing takes depends on how busy the season is.

Either faxing or mailing in the FEIN SS-4 form is a reliable way to receive an FEIN, but it will take longer than completing the form digitally and filing it online. Completing the form and filing it online will give you a usable FEIN within an hour.

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How Long Does it Take to Complete an SS-4 Form?

Given the right information, an SS-4 form shouldn’t take longer than a few minutes to fill out. The SS-4 requires basic information about the business entity, information about the responsible party, and the type of entity that is applying. In addition to that, the SS-4 form will also need to declare a reason that it needs an EIN.

Completing an SS-4 form generally does not take long, but receiving an EIN may take longer. Depending on how the SS-4 form is submitted, it can take anywhere from a few days to weeks to receive a Federal EIN. If the form is mailed in, it can take up to six weeks.

Most businesses are eventually going to need to apply for a FEIN. If you aren’t a sole-proprietorship with no employees, it’s likely that you already need an FEIN. The easiest way to submit an IRS Form SS-4 is by filling it out digitally and sending it in online.

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Purpose of the SS-4 Form PDF

The purpose of the SS-4 form, officially titled “Application for Employer Identification Number,” is to gather information from businesses and organizations that need to obtain an Employer Identification Number (EIN). An EIN is a unique nine-digit number assigned by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to identify businesses for tax reporting and other purposes.

Here are the primary reasons why businesses and organizations may need to apply for an EIN:

  • Opening a business bank account: Most banks require businesses to have an EIN before opening a business bank account. This allows the bank to properly identify the business for tax reporting purposes.
  • Hiring employees: Businesses with employees need an EIN to withhold and report federal income, Social Security, and Medicare taxes. The EIN is also used to file Form W-2, which reports employee wages and taxes, and Form W-3, which reports the total amount of wages paid to employees.
  • Filing federal tax returns: Businesses that are considered taxable entities, such as corporations and partnerships, must file annual tax returns with the IRS. The EIN is used to identify the business on these tax returns.
  • Applying for certain licenses and permits: Some government agencies and regulatory bodies may require businesses to have an EIN before issuing certain licenses or permits.
  • Establishing a business presence: Obtaining an EIN can establish a formal business presence and enhance the legitimacy of a business’s operations.
  • Opening a retirement plan: Businesses that want to offer retirement plans, such as 401(k) plans, to their employees typically need an EIN to establish and administer the plan.
  • Making certain business transactions: Certain business transactions, such as purchasing assets or entering into contracts, may require the use of an EIN to identify the parties involved.
  • Receiving government payments: Businesses that are eligible to receive government grants, contracts, or other payments may need an EIN to process these payments.

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How to Fill out the form SS-4 online

Access the IRS Website:

Visit the official IRS website at Navigate to the “Forms & Instructions” section. Locate Form SS-4: Use the search feature or browse through the forms to find Form SS-4. Read the Instructions:

Before you start filling out the form, it’s important to read the instructions provided by the IRS. The instructions will guide you through each section of the form. Complete the Form:

Open the online version of Form SS-4. Fill in the required information accurately. This may include details about the entity applying for the EIN, the reason for applying, and the responsible party’s information. Submit the Form:

Once you’ve filled out the form, follow the instructions on the IRS website to submit it electronically. The online submission process typically involves providing your contact information and confirming the details entered on the form.
Receive EIN:

After successfully submitting the form, you should receive your Employer Identification Number (EIN) immediately. Make sure to keep a record of your EIN for future reference.

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To complete the SS-4 form, you will need to:

  1. Legal Name of the Entity:
    • Provide the legal name of your business or entity. This is the name associated with the entity’s formation documents.
  2. Trade Name (if applicable):
    • If your business operates under a trade name (doing business as or DBA), provide this information.
  3. Type of Entity:
    • Indicate the legal structure of your business, such as Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, Corporation, Limited Liability Company (LLC), etc.
  4. Reason for Applying:
    • Specify the reason for applying for an EIN. This could include starting a new business, hiring employees, banking purposes, or other reasons outlined in the form.
  5. Principal Office or Place of Business:
    • Provide the address of the principal office or the main location where the business is conducted.
  6. Country of Formation:
    • Indicate the country where the entity was formed.
  7. County and State of Formation:
    • Provide the county and state (or other jurisdiction) where the entity was legally formed.
  8. Responsible Party Information:
    • Include information about the “responsible party,” which is typically an individual who owns or controls the entity. This includes their name, SSN or ITIN, address, and other details.
  9. Mailing Address:
    • If the mailing address is different from the principal office or place of business, provide the mailing address.
  10. EIN Responsible Party’s SSN or ITIN:
    • The Social Security Number (SSN) or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) of the responsible party.
  11. Previous EIN (if applicable):
    • If your entity has previously applied for and received an EIN, provide that number. Login | Grants My Account Login login 2024

How To Download SS-4 Form PDF 2024

About Form SS-4, Application for Employer Identification Number (EIN)

Use Form SS-4 to apply for an employer identification number (EIN). An EIN is a 9-digit number (for example, 12-3456789) assigned to employers, sole proprietors, corporations, partnerships, estates, trusts, certain individuals, and other entities for tax filing and reporting purposes.

Note: Keep the Form SS-4 information current. Use Form 8822-B to report changes to your responsible party, address or location. Changes in responsible parties must be reported to the IRS within 60 days.

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What do I need to file Form SS-4?

If you are confident you are eligible for an EIN (hint: if your principal business is located in the United States and you have a valid Taxpayer Identification Number [TIN]), you just need basic identifying information of your business.   

Be sure to know the following:

  • Legal name (and trade name, if different) of the entity for whom the EIN is being requested
  • Contact information for the above
  • Name of responsible party, contact information, and SSN/ITIN/EIN 
  • Type of business entity (e.g, Partnership, C-Corp, etc.) 
  • Various business metrics around expected number of employees (if any), closing month of accounting year, principal business activity (e.g., construction, finance, etc.) and related information.

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Why do I need an EIN; isn’t my SSN enough?

No. A social security number is a unique identification number assigned to you as an individual. An EIN is a unique tax identification number assigned to a business entity.

You may use an SSN as a tax ID number only if you are a business entity that meets certain requirements for exemptions. The most common example of this is a sole proprietor with no employees and no intent to hire them. In this example, the business and entity are the same; therefore, it is permissible to use an SSN in lieu of an EIN.

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What does it cost to apply for an EIN?

It is free to apply for an EIN through the IRS. However, it can take a tremendous amount of time if not done correctly. If you’re having trouble or need help filing, GOV+ is here to help!

Who needs an EIN?

If you are a business structure that is any of the following:

  • Corporation;
  • Partnership;
  • Or Limited liability company (LLC)


  • If you are aiming to file for bankruptcy;
  • Have employees or plan to have employees in the future;
  • Offer or want to offer a solo 401(k) or Keogh retirement plan;
  • Are considering buying a solo proprietorship;
  • Are involved with trusts, IRAs, estates, non-profit organizations, farmers’ cooperatives, plan administrators, estates, real estate mortgage investment conduits, or exempt organization business income tax returns;
  • File any of Employment, Excise, or Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms tax returns

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Form SS-4

Q 1. What is Form SS-4?

Form SS-4 is the official application for obtaining an Employer Identification Number (EIN) from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). An EIN is a unique nine-digit number assigned to businesses, organizations, and individuals for tax reporting and other purposes.

Q 2. What is Form SS-4?

Form SS-4 is the official application for obtaining an Employer Identification Number (EIN) from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). An EIN is a unique nine-digit number assigned to businesses, organizations, and individuals for tax reporting and other purposes.

IRS SS4 Form

Q 3. Who needs to file Form SS-4?

Businesses and organizations that need an EIN include:

  • Businesses with employees
  • Businesses that need to file federal tax returns
  • Businesses that need to open a business bank account
  • Businesses that want to apply for certain licenses or permits
  • Businesses that want to establish a retirement plan
  • Businesses that make certain business transactions
  • Businesses that receive government payments

Individuals may also need to file Form SS-4 if they:

  • Are self-employed and need to file business tax returns
  • Have established a pension, profit-sharing, or retirement plan for their employees
  • Are responsible for withholding and reporting income, Social Security, and Medicare taxes for their employees

Q 4. How do I file Form SS-4?

You can file Form SS-4 in three ways:

  • Online: You can apply for an EIN online at the IRS website. The online application process is quick and easy, and you will receive your EIN immediately upon completion of the application.
  • By mail: You can mail Form SS-4 to the IRS at:

Internal Revenue Service Attn: EIN Operation Cincinnati, OH 45999

By fax: You can fax Form SS-4 to the IRS at:

1-855-215-1627 (within the United States) 1-304-707-9471 (outside the United States)

Q 5. What information do I need to file Form SS-4?

You will need to provide the following information on Form SS-4:

  • Your legal business name
  • Your business address
  • Your business mailing address (if different from the physical address)
  • Your business contact information (phone number and email address)
  • Your business type (e.g., sole proprietorship, corporation, partnership)
  • The number of employees you have
  • Your date of birth
  • Your Social Security number

Q 6. How long does it take to process Form SS-4?

If you apply for an EIN online, you will receive your EIN immediately upon completion of the application. If you mail or fax Form SS-4, it may take up to four weeks to process your application.

Q 7. How much does it cost to file Form SS-4?

There is no fee to file Form SS-4.

Q 8. What do I do with my EIN?

Once you have obtained your EIN, you will need to provide it to your bank, payroll provider, and tax preparer. You will also need to include your EIN on all of your tax returns.

Q 9. Where can I find more information about Form SS-4?

You can find more information about Form SS-4 on the IRS website. You can also contact the IRS at 1-800-829-1040 for assistance.

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