What is the income limit for Medical Assistance in MN 2024

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What is the income limit for Medical Assistance in MN 2024
What is the income limit for Medical Assistance in MN 2024

Medical aid is an important program that provides health coverage to limited income individuals and families. The limit of MA eligibility in Minnesota is determined based on domestic size. This limit is 2024 taksimas. It plays an important role in determining it. Those who are eligible for this essential health care aid, so look at the following details to understand the limit of medical aid in Minnesota for 2024.

What is MinnesotaCare?

MinnesotaCare provides coverage to people who do not have access to affordable health insurance and have higher income levels than those eligible for Medicaid. The average monthly MinnesotaCare enrollment in fiscal year 2017 was more than 89,000.

Most members pay a monthly premium. The premium amount is based on the family’s income. The following members have no premium:

  • Children under the age of 21
  • American Indians and Alaska Natives and their households
  • Members of the military who become eligible for MinnesotaCare within 24 months after completing active duty, and their households. These MinnesotaCare members do not pay premiums for 12 months
  • People in a household with income less than 35 percent of the federal poverty limit

MinnesotaCare pays for a variety of services, such as doctor visits, prescriptions and hospital stays. View a summary of covered services and costs.


MinnesotaCare is funded by a state tax on Minnesota hospitals and health care providers, federal Basic Health Program funding, and member premiums and cost sharing.

Minnesota medical assistance income limits 2024

Medical assistance in Minnesota plays an important role in providing child access to individuals and families with committees and families to ensure that the program is reaching them. The state is most needed by the state. The boundary in 2024 varies depending on the domestic size. One tomorrow, the limit in individuals and families of different size has been determined separately.

What is the income limit for Medical Assistance in MN 2024

This table shows what financial help you may qualify for depending on household size and income.

People in householdMedical Assistance for adults over age 18.
Monthly / annual income no more than
Medical Assistance for children.
Monthly / annual income no more than*
Medical Assistance for pregnant women.
Monthly / annual income no more than
Annual income no more than
Tax credits for private health plans.
Annual income above
1$1,615 / $19,391$3,341 / $40,095does not apply$29,160$29,160
2$2,185 / $26,227$4,519 / $54,230$4,568 / $54,821$39,440$39,440
3$2,755 / $33,063$5,697 / $68,365$5,759 / $69,110$49,720$49,720
4$3,325 / $39,900$6,875 / $82,500$6,950 / $83,400$60,000$60,000
5$3,894 / $46,736$8,052 / $96,635$8,140 / $97,689$70,280$70,280
6$4,464 / $53,572$9,230 / $110,770$9,331 / $111,978$80,560$80,560
7$5,034 / $60,408$10,408 / $124,905$10,522 / $126,267$90,840$90,840
8$5,603 / $67,244$11,586 / $139,040$11,713 / $140,556$101,120$101,120
For each additional person add$569 / $6,836$1,177 / $14,135$1,190 / $14,289$10,280$10,280

MinnesotaCare: An Overview

MinnesotaCare provides subsidized health care coverage to low-income individuals. The program is administered by the Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS) under federal guidance as a basic health program under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). DHS, in cooperation with MNsure, the state’s health insurance exchange, is responsible for processing applications and determining eligibility.

Minnesota medical Eligibility 2024

Most MinnesotaCare enrollees are parents and caretakers, children ages 19 to 20, and adults without children. To be eligible for MinnesotaCare, an individual must meet the following criteria:

  •  Have gross income that is greater than 133 percent of the federal poverty guidelines (FPG) ($19,391 for a household of one) but does not exceed 200 percent of FPG ($27,180 for a household of one). Exceptions to the income floor are made for certain groups of individuals.
  •  Not be eligible for Medical Assistance (MA). This requirement has the effect of shifting the vast majority of pregnant women and children from MinnesotaCare to MA.
  •  Not have access to subsidized health coverage that, as defined in the ACA, is affordable (the employee pays no more than 8.39 percent of income for employee and dependent coverage for 2024) and provides minimum value (pays for at least 60 percent of medical expenses on average).
  •  Not have minimum essential health coverage (defined in the ACA as coverage under Medicare, Medicaid and other government programs, employer-sponsored coverage, individual market coverage, and other specified coverage).
  •  Be a resident of Minnesota. Enrollees must meet the residency requirements of the MA program.

What is the income limit to qualify for medical assistance in MN?

To qualify for MN Medical Assistance, your annual household income (before taxes) must be less than the following amounts: MN Medical Assistance income limits for 2024 are shown in the table below.

Household SizeMaximum Income Level (Per Year)
1 Person$19,392 Per Year
2 People$26,228 Per Year
3 People$33,064 Per Year
4 People $39,900 Per Year
5 People$46,737 Per Year
6 People$53,573 Per Year
7 People$60,409 Per Year
8 People$67,245 Per Year

For MN Medical Assistance, you have the income limits set in the table above for up to eight people, but for households with more than eight people, add $6,836 per additional person. Always check with the appropriate managing agency to ensure the most accurate guidelines regarding MN Medical Assistance.

mn medical assistance income guidelines 2024

The income limits for Medical Assistance in Minnesota are structured to accommodate the diverse financial situations of residents. It’s essential to be aware of these limits, as they determine whether individuals and families qualify for this vital healthcare support. As of 2024, the maximum annual income levels for different household sizes are as follows:

  • Household Size: 1 – Maximum Income: $19,392
  • Household Size: 2 – Maximum Income: $26,228
  • Household Size: 3 – Maximum Income: $33,064
  • Household Size: 4 – Maximum Income: $39,900
  • Household Size: 5 – Maximum Income: $46,737
  • Household Size: 6 – Maximum Income: $53,573
  • Household Size: 7 – Maximum Income: $60,409
  • Household Size: 8 – Maximum Income: $67,245

Understanding mn medical assistance income Eligibility:

To qualify for Medical Assistance in Minnesota, individuals and families must fall within the specified income limits for their respective household sizes. The income limits are set to ensure that those who truly need assistance receive the support required to access essential healthcare services.

How do I apply for MinnesotaCare?

You may apply for MinnesotaCare at any time during the year. The easiest way is to apply online through MNsure. Or you can instead fill out the paper Application for Health Coverage and Help Paying Costs DHS-6696. If you can’t print out the paper application, call the Minnesota Health Care Programs Member Help Desk to get one. The paper application is also available in Hmong, Russian, Somali, Spanish, and Vietnamese.

Some people should not apply for Minnesota Health Care Programs coverage through MNsure. Learn about how to apply for people with disabilities, children in foster care and seniors.

FAQs. Medical Assistance in MN

1. What is Medical Assistance in Minnesota?

Medical Assistance (MA) in Minnesota is the state’s Medicaid program, providing health care coverage to eligible low-income individuals and families. It is administered by the Minnesota Department of Human Services.

2. Who is eligible for Medical Assistance in Minnesota?

Eligibility for Medical Assistance in Minnesota is based on factors such as income, family size, and other circumstances. Low-income individuals, pregnant women, children, parents, and elderly or disabled individuals may qualify.

3. How do I apply for Medical Assistance in Minnesota?

You can apply for Medical Assistance in Minnesota through the MNsure online application portal, by mail, or in person at your local county or tribal human services office. MNsure is the state’s health insurance marketplace.

4. What services are covered by Medical Assistance in Minnesota?

Medical Assistance in Minnesota covers a wide range of health care services, including hospital and doctor visits, prescription medications, preventive care, mental health services, and more. Specific benefits can vary based on the recipient’s category.

5. Is there a premium for Medical Assistance in Minnesota?

Some individuals may be required to pay a monthly premium or other cost-sharing depending on their income and household size. However, many MA recipients receive coverage with no monthly premiums.

6. Can I have other insurance and still qualify for Medical Assistance?

Having other health insurance does not necessarily disqualify you from Medical Assistance. However, eligibility may be affected by the type and coverage of other insurance.

7. What is the income limit for Medical Assistance in Minnesota?

Income eligibility limits for Medical Assistance in Minnesota vary based on factors such as household size and the specific category of eligibility. The limits may be updated annually.

8. Can undocumented immigrants receive Medical Assistance in Minnesota?

Undocumented immigrants are generally not eligible for full-scope Medical Assistance in Minnesota. However, emergency medical services may be available.

9. How do I renew my Medical Assistance coverage?

Medical Assistance coverage needs to be renewed periodically. The renewal process can be done through the MNsure portal, and you will receive notifications about when and how to renew.

10. Where can I get more information about Medical Assistance in Minnesota?

For more information, visit the official MNsure website or contact the Minnesota Department of Human Services. Local county or tribal human services offices can also provide assistance.

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